I am a slacker

There’s been so much going on in my life lately that my next website has yet to go up even though I wanted it to last week.  I am hoping to finish it this week.  hoping…..

My friends Sean and Dawn from wanderwhy.com have left Bangkok. It’s sad! they have been here over a month and were a fixture in my bangkok lifestyle. i don’t know what i will do now….i’ll have to go hang out with other people!

i’m broke though so i am holing my self up in my apartment for the next week finishing websites and doing work.

to combat my brokeness, i may skip out of bangkok after the new year and head to japan.  who knows but i want to travel next year so i need money.

other than that, life is good. i am a bit bored though.  i’ve met a cool girl here but we will see how that goes. i download a lot of tv from the states.

Tina fey does a great sara palin.

I like declarative sentences.  get used to them.  and typos. I hate spell check!

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