I’m on Twitter

I think I’ll be sticky to a twice weekly update. That’s probably how it will work.

I’ve gone and joined twitter so if you are there add me!! http://www.twitter.com/nomadicmatt

My new website is almost done! yay! It should be up in a few days. Then I can market the crap out of it and hopefully make more google money.

I need to get on the advertising thing too but I’m too busy coding.  Soon enough. I have some people who want to buy adspace from me.

My boss just gave me more work but its for helping kids with GMAT and well, I’ve never taught GMAT before so this should be interesting.

I am going to get a free copy of dreamweaver on monday.  I hope in a few weeks to have a job doing online marketing too.  I will be a super busy guy but its for stuff I enjoy.

Sean and Dawn from wanderingwhy.com have finally left me. After over a month in Bangkok they are on their way to Ko Samui now. It’s weird to not have people around who have become fixtures in your life.  They were good fun too. They’ll be missed.

I am meeting Tim from MatadorTrips tonight (met him a few days ago) and we’re gonna take the night life by storm.

Yeah so I’m not saving money…but I do have have internet in my apartment now so that will save me money over the long term. No more internet cafes everyday.

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One Comment on “I’m on Twitter”

  1. Dawn Says:

    Ah Matt, we miss you too! Great thought that we will be able to see you today one last time….

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