A very bad blogger

I’m a bad blogger. I should update this more often and I am going to. I have big plans for this site actually. But first I need to finish the two sites I am working on. I got lazy and didn’t do anything over the past week. But one site is being beta tested now. The other will take me about three days since its a) in wordpress and b) using content I already wrote.

In other news, the great job isn’t so great. Disappointing. Got a job offer to move to China though! 12,000 RMB a month. A pretty good salary when it only costs 1,500 RMB to live.

and yes, geno, I know about CSS 🙂

Be back in a week with a better blog!

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3 Comments on “A very bad blogger”

  1. Nora Says:

    Hmmm…China, huh? Sounds exciting….what is the job?

  2. Dave Paek Says:

    Maybe you can hang out with the Callis’

  3. callis Says:

    Chinas a big place, and we won’t be anywhere near each other…. with that said, what the hell

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