I’m Back!

After a long hiatus, I am back with a redesigned blog. I added a few features (don’t forget to subscribe to my RSS) and will continue to add new some other features. I’ll also be posting here more often. I’m going to cover a range of things not just a few bullet points of my life.

Since my last post, OBAMA was elected president. I watched it on TV and I was so happy. I’ll forever be sad I wasn’t in the US to experience this historic occasion. I wish I could see his election but alas, I’ll have to settle for watching that on TV.

The really great job? Feel through. Such things happen the world of ESL.  Off to look for another job. I’m saving some money but not enough for my travels next year so I think after the new year I will move to either China or Taiwan and bank some dough. I want to get to Eastern Europe next year, especially while the dollar is strong and those countries are cheap.

I’m going to Singapore in a few weeks for a little vacation and a visa run. Singapore has a great Little India and I’m really looking forward to some great Indian food.   Now, I just need to figure out my New Year’s Plans.

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6 Comments on “I’m Back!”

  1. Quickroute Says:

    Hard enough to update 1 blog – kudos!

  2. Kevin Banks Says:

    Love the new design simple and practical!

  3. Nora Dunn Says:

    Mmmm….Singapore….I loved Little India, Bugis Market, and Chinatown. Enjoy! What a great place (City? Country?) Singapore is.

  4. Dave Paek Says:

    Sorry about the loss of your job prospect. Shit happens. You know what’s really cool? I remember when you, me and Nikki (the hiking chick from Xanga who lived in Seattle) were commenting and talking through IMs back in 2004, and I remember all of us chanting “Obama 2008!” At the time, we were all just saying that and not really believing that it would actually happen. Now that it happened, I am truly sad that you weren’t here to celebrate it with me.

  5. nomadicmatt Says:

    @nora: will check those places out

    @kevin: thanks!

    @dave: i remember that. good things do happen. and what ever happened to that girl?

  6. When I was in Singapore recently I visited the Long Bar at the famous Raffles Hotel. This is where the infamous (at least for me) Singapore Sling was “invented.”

    I would suggest skipping a sampling of the drink as it has become a major tourist attraction and the cost is as much as a night’s lodging is some places.

    But many years ago in a galaxy far, far away I sat at a bar with a couple of friends and asked the bartender to add one more cherry to each subsequent Singapore Sling I downed.

    As best as I can remember, I, myself, was downed before the toothpick was fully loaded with cherries.

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