James Bond

I saw the new James Bond movie, Quantam of Solace, last night.  I can’t say it is that good. The action was good and the Bond girls beautiful- there’s even a throw back to goldfinger but the rest of the movie lacked….everything.

I had high hopes for the movie after I found out Paul Haggis, writer of that amazing movie Crash, was on board. Plus, the last movie was pretty good.  However, they have turned bond into a brute- one well played by Daniel Craig but lacking the charm and depth of previous Bonds.  It is as though they want to capitalize on Jason Bourne and make Bond into that.  But Bond isn’t Bourne nor should he be! He’s swave where Bourne is brutish.

The plot is weak too.  There’s a big secret organization out there that you learn nothing about.  Do they want oil? Do they want water? who knows?  Because in the 1 hr 40 min run time, they never tell you!

Overall, I give this movie a C and that is only because the action was great. Had I paid 10 dollars to see this in the US, I’d be pissed. But since it only cost me 2 dollars in Thailand, I can’t say I have much to complain about. The movie is well worth 2 dollars!!!

I’d wait until video.  It’s a decent action movie because like all action movies, it has no plot!

Speaking of no plot, I saw Babylon A.D.  That WASN’T worth the two dollars I paid for it. Can I get a refund?  So bad. So So So So BAD. But it has Vin Diesel in it so I guess I should have seen it coming….

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5 Comments on “James Bond”

  1. hellobabies Says:

    oooh gosh I saw the trailer for Quantum of Solace and the first thing I thought was: Bourne Trilogy. Thanks for posting your thoughts, I’ll definitely wait for video.

  2. Erica Johansson Says:

    Good point about Bond vs Bourne. Haven’t seen the movie yet, but my sister said Casino Royale was way better and this one wasn’t worth the pay at all.

  3. Anna Says:

    Yes, yes, yes, I’ve heard all the bad things. But I need to judge for myself. I’ve never been one to conform 😉

  4. Take a look at my post on the Bond locations, at least they’re easy on the eye.


  5. Ron in L.A. Says:

    The story meanders, but I do think Daniel Craig is great.

    My personal interest leaned toward seeing how bad they made Bolivia look. It was kind of amusing, especially since they shot in Chile. I’d give the movie a B- overall.

    R(etc… )

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