A Little VIP Treatment

As part of my “consulting” job (because working in Thailand is prohibited on my visa), I help the sales staff at the airport learn English. Every Tuesday and Thursday I spend too much of my day at the airport teaching Thais how to sell products in a language they can’t really grasp. Obviously, it doesn’t work out great most of the time but occasionally you get some good students.

This week I got to leave the training center and head right into the airport to give some tests. This meant getting an official ID and going “behind the scenes.” Security is much quicker with an ID! I got to breeze past the metal detectors, head past immigration (good thing they didn’t want to see the passport), and head through the airport through the service corridors to give my test.

I was pretty excited about it. Sure, I was just giving a test but how often do you get to be a bit of a VIP at an airport and ignore all the security and controls? Probably not often. So it was a pretty cool experience. Sadly, the pass was only good for one day so when I return to the airport this weekend to head to Singapore, I’ll have to go through security like everybody else. No VIP treatment.

But they did let me keep the security pass as a souvenir.

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2 Comments on “A Little VIP Treatment”

  1. Jessie V Says:

    great behind the scenes look. i try to stay as far away from airports as i can – get through them as quickly as possible and then get out!! it is funny that you’re going there often. 🙂

  2. Cuckoo Says:

    Subscribed !!

    Even I would have loved that souvenir. These small things like VIP treatment become a part of our fond memories. No ?

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