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So I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails and questions about what is going on in Bangkok.  For starters, I’m in no danger.   All the trouble is at the airport.  Despite what you see on the news, its business as usual in the city except in areas where the protesters are. The airport has been closed since Tuesday and the government has moved its headquarters to the northern city of Chiang Mai.

No one has been able to get out and about 100,000 people have been stuck.  The airport was going to open today but it most likely will stay closed until the kings birthday on the 5th.  Both sides won’t do anything because they won’t disrespect the king.  (The Thais love the king.)

The army has moved in around the protesters but so far nothing has been done. It’s been a quiet few days.  There was talk of a coup a few days ago but, while those rumors are still around, it seems it will be a few days before a coup, if there is one.

It’s all pretty silly and the PAD (the yellow shirt protesters) have totally screwed Thailand.  The high tourist season is just starting and because the airport has been shut down and will continue to be so, it most likely means that tourism for the time being is not going to happen. I suspect most tourist will cancel their vacations. Backpackers will stay because they do all of southeast asia and will just enter from a different city but families aren’t going to come, business execs won’t come.  All in all, the high season is over before it even begun.  Hotels were already suffering because of the unrest and the bad economy- this will be the nail in the coffin.

On the bright side, it means that prices will be cheap when I go to the islands for the holidays. Already hotels are offering steep discounts.

This will cause irreparable harm to Thailand’s image. It’s one thing to protest at the government house away from everything, it’s another thing to take over two airports.  No one is going to want to come here now.  I hope this doesn’t sink the Baht too much, otherwise I will be forced to leave for greener economic pastures.

The PAD claims they just want the corrupt politicians out but they are just as bad. Everyone here in this country is corrupt.  What they really want is power back in the hands of a small elite group of Bangkokians. The current party has given a lot of power to the rural people and the upper class Thais don’t like it.  It’s all about power and because deomocracy took theirs away, they want to return to a military dictatorship or appointed government.  None of which will fly.

The long term outlook for this country is pretty bleak. They are already behind the curve on a number of things, this is a nail in the coffin.  If there is a coup, it probably won’t go down well with a lot of the populace.

We’ll just have to wait and see.  For now though, business continues and we are all just going on about our day.

Though since I work at the airport, my days are pretty empty now. No work for the time being.

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6 Comments on “News on Thailand”

  1. Oh so thats why you aren’t working for the forseeable future..It sounded so omnious on twitter. I should have put two and two together! So what r you doing in the meantime?

  2. Gillian Says:

    thanks for the insider update. Glad that it’s not affecting daily life too much. I, too, hope they don’t screw themselves as tourism is a large part of the economy.

  3. hellobabies Says:

    ah what a mess! I’m supposed to come to Thailand on Christmas Eve, do you think I should be trying to get my $$ back for the trip? Hope all is well aside from the no working 🙂

  4. Suz at Large Says:

    Thanks for posting this information and tweeting the link. We’re scheduled for two- week Thailand tour, have plane tix to arrive at BKK on 5 Dec. As if. 😦

    Waiting to talk to tour company tomorrow to see what they plan to do, honestly would still like to make the trip, don’t mind adjustments to the itinerary, just don’t want to end up in some kind of long-lasting cancelled-flght purgatory trying to get to or from Thailand.

    Hope you can get back to work soon. Have bookmarked your blog for future reading.

  5. Dave Paek Says:

    hahaha, I love how you post info about how cheap things will be…..

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