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In Search of a Virtual Assistant

January 31, 2009

Running multiple websites is very time consuming, especially when I want to launch three more this month.  To help manage all the work and research, I have decided to hire a virtual assitant. Why not outsource all the grunt work and concentrate on the high value money making stuff.

VAs can range from 3 dollars to like 20 dollars an hour depending on what country you hire them in.  I went for the three dollars an hour b/c I have simple tasks and a tiny budget.

So far no luck.  I’m on my third VA.  The first one never did the work, the second one never did it on time or told me of problems, and this one is a mixed bag.  The current VA gives me excellent work but doesn’t do all of the work.  I’ve sent him a few annoyed/angry e-mail about it. I hope he explains himself. But if he doesn’t give a good explanation, it is off to find VA #4.

I mean how hard is it to submit my articles? I give them everything they need, they just need to cute and paste. Same with directory submission and social media submission.  Yet apprently that is too hard.  I might have to move up the value chain and pay someone more money, which means I am going to have to use them less which means I’ll have to do more work myself…

Why is it so hard to find good help?  Why!

I’m hoping this current one does work out because the work he does do is excellent and amazing and I want to keep him!

In Taipei

January 22, 2009

After a pretty great flight on EVA Air (recommended), I’ve arrived in Taipei, where it is cold and cloudy.  So far it reminds me of any big american city except without the white people and everything is in Chinese. Tomorrow, I begin my job search. Today, I got a cellphone and did work.

A few observations on the first day:

There are starbucks or coffee shops EVERYWHERE.

The main tourist office is impossible to find. After one hour, two maps, and asking two hotels, I’m determined it does not exist in the train station! lol

There’s few westerners here.

I miss the sun.

I’ll update more later once I have something to write about about Taipei.

New Year’s Resolution

January 12, 2009

Happy 2009! I know I haven’t updated in weeks but I have good reasons:  1. I went on vacation. 2. Thailand blocked wordpress for awhile.   Now everything is back to normal.

Now that it is 2009, I was thinking about what my 2009 goals were and what I want to accomplish this year.  This is what I came up with:

1. Earn US$2,000 per month from my websites by July.

2. Create a website for movies, teaching english, and create a joint site with my friend Christine.

3. Focus more. I multitask too much and it makes me unproductive. That needs to change.

4. Spend less time on the computer. I spend all day and night on the computer (see above) and I want to break away from the work here.

5. Get a virtual assistant that is competant so I can do that and he/she can do all the grunt work.

6. Read more.

7. Walk Hard like Dewey Cox

8. Learn German

9. Learn French

10. Create a video blog for when I travel overseas again in August.

If I can stay focus and develop better time management, all these goals are possible and achievable. Now, I just have to develop that time management thingy….there is always a rub…

What are your goals for 2009?