Bangkok, the city of Tequila

Last weekend, I went to Bangkok. I really love the cheap airfare there. I might start going like once a month. I stayed with my friend Matt who works for the aussie embassy. They hook it up!! He had like a super condo all paid for, a driver, a maid….it was great. I quite enjoyed staying there. I spent most of my weekend sleeping. My friends and I went out really late and kept feeding me tequila shots. Saturday is a haze of pool parties, naked swimming, after hour clubs, and dancing. Needless to say, I was pretty unproductive but I did have fun….from what I remember. And, I know mom and dad read this, so don’t worry- I did not end up bruised or broken nor did I get sick.

I got my Taiwan visa in a day though it was really expensive (150 US) to get same day service. I did go to my favorite indian place. They love me there and now I get a discount when I go. 20% off….sweeeeeeet. I bought bootleg movies and ate amazing Thai food. I was glad to finally get some good food.

Have a mentioned the food here sucks? B/c Taiwanese food is crap. And not cheap. I’m hoping my new websites take off soon so I can take weekend trips to places with good food. I smell Tokyo in my future.

Now I am back in Taipei and squirreling away my cash. I’m trying hard to make my fortune online and I am doing a lot of interesting things right now. I’ll see a payoff around April and May. So it is all work and some play for me.

Life moves forward….

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2 Comments on “Bangkok, the city of Tequila”

  1. Dave Paek Says:

    the main theme of your blogs usually is about how much money you saved on certain things. Well, I’m glad to hear that you’re doing what you can to save money and eat good food and do fun stuff for cheap.

  2. Dawn Says:

    Naked swimming? Glad I missed your lilly white butt when we were in Bangkok….

    Save your cash and eat in Tokyo like a KING. Or, eat ramen on a budget, and still live like a king.

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