Where You Can Find Me…

Today I realized I have an obscene number of websites. This is because well, I’m now devoting all my time to making money online. I want to be able to work everywhere. It’s no do or die. Then again if you never try, you never succeed and, if I fail, I still developed some skills. But if you do want to find me on the web, come check out all my websites.

There’s this blog where you can find random thoughts and tips.

You can read my flagship blog, Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site. This site brings me lots of visitors, connections, and a bit of money. Any travel advice you need is there.

You can see all my pictures from around the world on my photo site.

You can get tips on how to travel the world on my site about traveling the world on a budget. There’s good tips like how to find cheap flights, get rtw tickets, and how to pick the right travel backpack.

If you want geeky SEO information, you can check out my SEO tips site and learn about what I actually do online.

There is also this music site I run which is an online guitar community. The has good guitar articles and a guitar forum you should visit.

So that’s 6 websites that I update regularly and that’s not counting all those little money sites that are designed to make money (There’s 10 of them right now!).

This is why I’m so busy.

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5 Comments on “Where You Can Find Me…”

  1. Dawn Says:

    Matt such a busy little bee you are. Enjoy hitting the road again!

  2. Yeah, too many websites. That makes my brain hurt.

  3. Susan Says:

    I knew it was a lot, but woah. Thanks for the links.

  4. I checked out your SEO site and it looks like there is some good stuff but I can’t read it as the text is coming out realy big – don’t know if it’s a bug.

  5. Debo Hobo Says:

    I am a regular on your travel blog, and would love for you to create a 125×125 logo so that I could include it on my blog’s banner blog roll page. Free link back if nothing else for ya.

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