I’m Writing a Book!

Ok, well, it is an ebook but it’s still a book…in a way.

Since so many travel bloggers ask me about SEO, making money travel blogging, making money blogging, how to run a travel blog, coding question, and the list goes on, I figured I’d put it on in an ebook that people can download and read and learn!

I’m going to write this ebook over the next few weeks and hope to have it done and complete and ready for use by the end of May. The book will include the following:

  • How to Start a Travel Blog (especially picking your focus)
  • Setting Up Your Blog (coding, themes, and some other stuff)
  • Marketing Your Blog (Joining the Travel Community)
  • SEO (Learn to Rank Your lovely new blog high in google)
  • Make Money With Your blog (using adsense, affiliate marketing, getting the right traffic, private ad sales)
  • F.A.Q section.

There’s a lot I tell bloggers about making money and there is a lot I don’t. This will tell some of those secrets I don’t tell publicly because they can get me in trouble with the Big G.

Overall, my goal with this is to share my tips on how I make a living travel blogging. Yes, I actually am making enough to have this as my job now!

That’s my big news…

Ohh, and I’m back in Thailand for the next 6 weeks. Beaches here I come!

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9 Comments on “I’m Writing a Book!”

  1. Nora Says:

    Congrats, Matt! Good news all around. There are a lot of people who will buy this book – great concept.

  2. Andy Says:

    Sounds like a great idea Matt! Best of luck and look fwd to reading it when its completed.



  3. You’re such a rockstar.

  4. Awesome Matt,
    I look forward to your virtual launch!

  5. Cuckoo Says:

    Congrats Matt ! Looking forward to it. Am sure many people will like it.

  6. malia Says:

    congratulations matt! =)

  7. Susan Says:


  8. Look forward to reading that Matt – will it be free?

  9. Clarks Says:

    congratulation, i am waiting for your book review and i also plan write something related to seo and travel but it will not a book i will write it on my blog

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