What I don’t like About the Blogging World

AngryWarning!!!! This a is rant.

I love being a blogger. I love the web. I love all the useful and useless information I find on it. I love all the people I met. I love the work flexibility it gives me. But despite all that love (there’s a lot isn’t there?), there are many things that irk me to no end in the blogosphere. The blogging world isn’t some utopia where everyone gets along. For the most part we do but like in real life there are good and bad people. Helpers and Users. Nice people and douchebags. I was discussing this a few days ago with a nameless blogger and now I just want to rant. I rant very little on the web but today, I rant. So without further ado….

I hate…

….bloggers who expect things from you but won’t do you favors. These bloggers will e-mail you for links, stumbles, digg, or promotions and ask for help. If I can (and I usually can), I help. But when the time comes for you to need some help, they are no where to be found. Plain rude and get’s them on my shit list. Will I help them again? Nope!

….know it all bloggers. These bloggers leave long and self aggrandizing comments. I’ve seen it on my blog. I’ve seen it on many other blogs. They talk about how everything you just was wrong and that what they know is better because they’ve been doing it longer or if not longer, just better because they are so much smarter and wiser than everybody else.

….people who don’t have link pages but wants links anyways. I don’t like to anybody who does not have a links page. It’s not because if you don’t link to me, I won’t like to you. Naa. I give and get one way links. With 50,000 backlinks, not having 1 isn’t going to kill me. I don’t like to people without links pages because they aren’t a community player. If you expect to be part of any niche blogging community, you should play with everyone. You’re not better than any other blogger no matter how successful you are….in fact you probably got that success with the help of other bloggers. So when I see people without links pages, I really see people are saying “I’m so good, I don’t need your help and I won’t give you any of mine.”

….bloggers who use their twitter count as a sign of success. Just because you have 10,000 followers doesn’t mean anything, especially when you follow 10,0001 people. If I autofollowed everyone, I’d also have 10,000 people. But twitter is about relationships with people not who can get the most followers. If that is what you want though, Ashton Kutcher and you can have a race!

….bloggers who don’t help other bloggers. This is like the first one but it pisses me off so much I just wanted to mention it again twice.

….bloggers who don’t reply to email. Unless you are trying to sell me something, trying to get me to promote your product, or asking me to put up some link, I answer all my email. It may take a bit and the answers might not be long but I get back to everyone. Bloggers who never answer e-mail are just disconnecting themselves from the hand that feeds them.

….bloggers who don’t respond to commentors. Isn’t this all about sharing ides and being part of a community? I may not answer every comment but I read them all and answer as many as I can. I also visit websites. I’ve given up on blogs b/c the owner never commented back to me…and often times I was the only commenter!! What’s the point if you aren’t going to engage in people.

ahhh better!

Note: I should end with saying that this is not aimed at any one blogger or person. It’s just some common things I’ve noticed. I’m not singling anyone in particular out. If you think this is about you, then you’re wrong. Just enjoy the vent and go “yeah, i’ve seen that too!!!”

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20 Comments on “What I don’t like About the Blogging World”

  1. marsheemarsh Says:

    amen amen and amen =p

  2. I wish the behaviors you mentioned didn’t pop up as often as they do. A majority of the blogging community is a generous, kind community…it’s frustrating having to shift gears to react/respond to the types of people you note…such a waste of time.


    Thanks for putting these into words.

    Corey T

    BTW – It wouldn’t take much to transform this post from a rant to a list of tips…just in case you felt like jumping tracks.

  3. Alan Says:

    I agree with irishfireside on transforming this “rant” into a list of tips. Maybe tweak it so it focuses on the travel blogging community, and you’ve got yourself a winning post!

    Side note – I really like your list of 25 goals. I would like to hear about how you plan to tackle them over the next handful of years, or maybe how you came up with the goals themselves. Maybe another post? Haha.

    Hope all is well,

  4. Darren Cronian Says:

    Matt, It’s good to rant but no matter in what world you work or live in they will always people who take and do not give back, it’s part of life, bloggers are no different.

    You quickly realise whose those people are.

    Not everyone is going like what you write or their niche might not fit with what are trying to promote, but I do think its good practice to reply.

  5. Cuckoo Says:

    Hi Matt,
    How’re you doing ? 🙂
    I am back from month long official tour and trying to settle down in this world again. Read your last four posts here today. Yet to read your other blog.

    Well, I agree on all your points except one, which now I myself have discontinued. i.e. Having a link page.

    Please don’t take it wrong but let me explain my viewpoint through my own example. I think this will come out as a healthy discussion here on this post. 🙂

    To start with, I have three blogs to cater to (Travel blog is one of them). I also write for a few community sites and am member of a few.
    Earlier when I had a few bloggers in my list and I was blogging on blogspot, I had blogroll (links to bloggers’ blogs). It was easier for me to navigate thru them.

    But as my list kept increasing day by day and since I was anyway reading all blogs through Google reader, I found it extremely difficult and inept to keep a separate page for links which I was NOT going to use. In the end I had to remove it.

    For your information, currently my list of bloggers for all 3 blogs (Travel blog being least popular among them) contains around 1000 blogs. Sometimes I add 5-6 blogs in a single day !! Do you think it is feasible to keep & update a links page in this scenario ? 🙂

    One more thing I would like to add here which contradicts your statement of not being a community player. I can cite examples of many bloggers who come to my site regularly only in search of new bloggers’ links and they get it !! They admit it openly. For them, my blog acts as a meeting platform for many.

    It pains me that they do not pay heed to what I write.
    And I also visit blogs when I think I have something to say on the post and in the process if I read a new (to me) blogger’s comment which impresses me, I visit his/her blog. If found to be of my taste, it gets added to my list. Similarly most of others also do the same.
    I believe good bloggers won’t add a link to their list just by seeing it unless they are satisfied with the contents or impressed by a comment. 🙂

    P.S.- Now after returning from my hectic schedule, I saw I have 473 unread posts under tag ‘Travel’ alone !!

    God bless me !!

    BTW, I also liked irishfireside’s idea of turning this post into list of tips. 🙂

  6. Susan Says:

    That not responding to a comment when you are the only one commenting kills me.

  7. Debo Hobo Says:

    Yay! I love rants!!!

    I am guilty of some of these, but for the most I agree 100%.

  8. globetrotteri Says:

    Way to go, Matt! I’m irked by all these things as well. I’m glad someone put a voice to them!

  9. Jan Says:

    seems to me that you are living too much in the seo / marketing world.
    out of that circle thing do work differently and links usually are much more valuable.
    i don’t like the link trading in this scene. Outside of it, if i have relevant content and make it public i will get links without any trade.
    sadly, twitter has killed a lot of blogs. nowadays if something is relevant and high quality, they will just tweet it. less people seem to be willing to blog about it.

  10. Turner Says:

    Makes me feel guilty asking you about your blog a while back – anything I can do for you?

  11. Stevo Says:

    Nice rant. I hope it wasn’t me who raised your ire.

  12. jamie Says:

    Wait, you have 50k backlinks??!!

  13. eunice Says:

    Wow what a list! Quite true haha!
    I also feel abit “disappointed” if I replied the email and the person never replied to say “thank you” 😛

    I also hope in some way, I am not perceived by other bloggers as one such unpopular blogger on your list lol

  14. name Says:

    ….bloggers who use their twitter count as a sign of success. – ha! agree..
    read this and it fits well into your picture

  15. Mark H Says:

    Insightful list nicely wrapped into a rant from a successful blogger. I particularly like the one about commenting and responding.

  16. Wow! 50,000 backlinks. Someday….
    Keep in mind that some of us new to blogging, haven’t yet learned about linking.

    I come from a print journalism background and flounder when it comes to SEO. Now I understand the importance of link exchange.

    Of course, not commenting back or not returning e-mails is like not returning phone calls. No excuse for rude behavior.

  17. Rather than a dedicated links page, I prefer to link contextually, which is why I regularly do the ‘best of the web’ link love posts. I haven’t done one for some time though.

  18. I am a new blogger. I came about doing this quite by accident. I requested a favor from a complete stranger who actually responded he would think about it. In my grateful reply I said I wouldn’t bother him with e-mails, but post a blog that he could check on and make a decision, based off of my progress. I have been swept away in the writing. I think I broke one of the rules, which I started to notice when I read other blogs. Rule #2: Know it all bloggers. I will be conscious of that, but I am not blogging for fans, I am blogging to work through the ideas in my head. I will admit that this is a work in progress on my part and will be thoughtful of others, which I’m sure is something that will be a benefit to me more than anyone else. As far as the other rules, I am very engaged, and I love the opportunity to debate. I had my first post in a board room and that was cool. I just started linking other sites to mine, so I’m putting you on the front page, just because I get you. Thanks!

  19. Where’s your twitter account? I’m not use to this, and couldn’t find you….I tweeted your post above

    Great guide for blogging from a professional…be cool http://bit.ly/tu5gr

    3 minutes ago from web


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