Why Barack Obama Will Fail

I love Bill Maher. At the end of each episode, he has a “let’s be real” closing speech. A few weeks ago, he talked about how America has a party of big business, banks, defense, big agri, and drug companies. Yes, we know that party- they are called the DEMOCRATS. Then there is the crazy party of religious nuts called the REPUBLICANS. Health care is going to fail because it doesn’t have enough support of DEMOCRATS. Obama will end up dropping the public plan because the democrats, the party of “the people”, are against it.

What happened to the party that supports universal health care, the end of the drug war, the environment, cutting the budget, and cutting military spending? Most Americans are for it. Why don’t the democrats sack up and do what is right. Democrats are the new republicans and the republicans are the new crazy!

I love Obama and think he’s our best bet and believe he wants a lot more than he says but it’s not the republicans who stand in his way, it’s douchebags in the democratic party. The last climate bill, heralded as a major change, is 1200 pages long and has more holes in it than the ozone layer it’s trying to save!

And that’s why Barack will fail domestically. Because Congress is going stand in his way of making the real fucking change that most americans are simply too stupid to know they need and Congress is too scared and beholden to lobbyists to do it.

Obama should use his clout to force down the throat of people universal health care, legalized pot, a smaller military, better education, renewable energy, and better infrastructure. Why? Because we are living in the 21st first century, not the 20th century and every other country is leaving us behind.

We spend the most money for health care and are #37th in the world for it!! It costs 3,000 more dollars to build a car in America because of health care costs. That’s why we build them all in Mexico and Canada. We all know health care is broken but when we talk about a public/private plan like most of Europe has, people talk about a government bureaucrat telling you what health care you will have! Someone already tells me what health care I can have- it’s called my HMO. And it costs them 20% to do that when medicare spends 3% on admin costs.

And let’s face- the war on drugs failed. We can tax the hell out of pot and make a ton of money doing it! Because who gives a shit if dad tokes one up in front of the TV after a day at work and I’m not paying to keep Grandpa Joe in jail because he wanted to cure his glaucoma. Isn’t that a republican issue anyways? What happened to keeping the government out of people’s lives? Weren’t they for that? I guess Jesus got in the way of principle.

Moreover, defense secretary Gates said we spend more money than the next 11 nations combined on defense and 9 of them are our allies!! Something tells me Germany and Japan aren’t gonna bomb us anytime soon and England isn’t gonna try to take back the 13 colonies! You ever think maybe…just maybe..most people hate us because we have a base EVERYWHERE! The anti-war party is now the pro war party and the isolationist party is now “lets kill everybody with nukes party.”

And education- after teaching in America, i realized we are so far behind the rest of the world, I’d never in a million years send a kid to public school in America. We cut, cut, and cut. And we don’t fire teachers when they do an awful job. And when obama says this- who attacks him? The right? Nope. THE DEMOCRATS! Because god forbid we made each state teach the same thing and made teacher accountable when they failed or paid them for when they did good.

Seriously, being back in America the last month and watching the news as made me realize the US is truly fucked and most Americans are too busy watching MJs funeral or listening to Glenn Beck to see the forest through the trees. And when Obama says if we do this, we’ll be better off long term but right now, it’s gonna be painful- politicians and Americans whine and whine and whine because they have been told their whole lives that nothing bad will ever happen and they will never have to sacrifice. So instead we don’t fix the roads, keep farm subsidies, and put it all on the visa because god fucking forbid, America, you actually had to pay for the stuff you wanted the government to do.

And so that is why Obama will fail because, at the end of the day, Americans don’t want to sacrifice, they want a bunch of stuff they don’t want to pay for, and Congress wants to protect their piece of the pie rather than do what is right and needed. And so 4 years from now, we’ll probably elect Obama again simply b/c the republicans won’t have a better option and Americans will still wonder why life isn’t better when it’s because you won’t really let Obama do what he wants to do to help you.

Because if we did that then we might actually become a modern country that lives in the 21st century. You know sort of like Taiwan, where you can get country wide wifi, free health care, and cheap education. That America, is something we should all try to aim for!

End rant…

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4 Comments on “Why Barack Obama Will Fail”

  1. Debo Hobo Says:

    I glad we are all allowed opinions even if they are not agreed upon by all.

  2. Robin Says:

    Good rant.

  3. Franny Says:

    And.. this is why I am most likely moving to Canada (my Canadian boyfriend agrees with you)

  4. I post your site on my front page, and if you checked out my site without reading what the content is, you would think I was a right wing conservative. I read what you said and I think some people would call you a “Looney left” but the truth is you have a worldly perspective because of your travels. I have a perspective that is different because I don’t believe anyone! I think all of this stuff is distractions from our own life and what we are determining to do within our abilities, beliefs, and efforts. One of my posts on pro-Iran support says it all by the comment I just responded to: I care about the plight of all human beings on earth. I never understand why people complain about the wars we are in, the bases we build for occupancy, and the financial reasons we may profit, when they see people getting in line to vote, risking their lives to choose their future. America has already forgotten the plight of women and minorities to vote equally and the rewards of freedom, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Are we capitalists, yes, and so? Only to our ability and efforts do we reward ourselves, and not wait for anyone else, but it took the blood of those who sacrificed their life, freedom, liberty and pursuit of happiness, so we could enjoy ours. I support the world in finding the opportunity that we take for granted in America, where the streets are paved with gold. I not only do not want President Obama to fail, I don’t want America to fail, and I don’t want the world to fail. I love what Regan said in his speech to the United Nations, “…In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. And yet, I ask you, is not an alien force already among us? What could be more alien to the universal aspirations of our peoples than war and the threat of war?…”

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