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Homeland Insecurity

December 27, 2009

So it’s happened again. Some would be terrorist managed to almost blow up a plane. Luckily, those we put our trust in helped keep us secure. No, I don’t mean the TSA. I mean the other passengers on the plane who actually do the TSA’s job!

Now, I can’t go number #2 an hour before I land, my water bottle is probably classified as a biohazard (but it’s still ok to keep next to the security area), the woman at the x-ray machine is still NOT looking at it, and the TSA is gonna start screening more babies now while the jittery guy with no luggage gets to go right through.

I think everyone who works at the TSA or Homeland security should be replaced by a team of monkeys. I have more faith in them than I do whoever is running the ship now. Now they are creating more rules to keep us safe, which won’t do anything to keep us safe. Why? Because all the rules in the world don’t matter when your staff reads at a preschool level.

Let’s see: Guy gets on a plane to America with no luggage, jittery, named Abdudlalajlah, is on the terror watch list, and his dad calls an embassy to warn he might blow up a plane. What happens? He’s let right through and almost blows up a plane.

What idiot didn’t think this was a potential hazard?

For starters, he’s on the terror watch list!!! What the hell is he doing on a flight anyways?

Secondly, his dad calls to say his soon might blow something up BEFORE his son got on a plane. Why didn’t anyone question him?

Third, who the fuck gets on an international flight with no checked luggage? MAJOR FLAG right there!!

How about instead of more rules we pay people to actually do a good job? I’m ok with higher taxes if that is where it is going! I can’t count the number of times I’ve gone through the airport and watched as the xray machine person WASN’T looking at the screen. Hello! That’s where security starts!

Or how about the water bottles? If it’s so unsafe, why is there a big pile next to me in security? Wouldn’t you want to remove that in case all of a sudden my poland springs bottle went nuclear? I mean you never know what could happen when water, plastic, coke, and gatorade come together.

This whole thing is going to produce a lot of show and even less security. All the rules in the world aren’t going to help us until we start getting competent people working security and we have the government actually taking those phone calls and memos (remember bush’s august memo?) seriously. Our government is great at insecurity but still not so good at the security thing.

Until then, let’s just hire the isreali’s to protect our airports. No one ever gets on their planes with even a dull pencil.

End Rant!

My Travel Plans

October 12, 2009

Curious as to where this nomad is going? Well, be curious no longer. My upcoming travels include:

Now until Nov 7th: Copenhagen, Berlin, Munich, Vienna
Nov 7-Dec 3- Bangkok
Dec 3rd to Mid January 2010- New Zealand
Mid Jan to Feb 28 2010- Australia
March 1 to April 30th- Indonesia/Malaysia/Thailand (Songkran!)
May 1-July 30th- SUMMER IN EUROPE! (Greece, Italy, Portugal)

After that, it’s a return to the US. I think I am going to rent a place in NYC for a month or so and then drive across the country. I’d like to do Central America after that but I don’t know. That is too far out for me to plan right now.

If anyone lives in these areas or is going to travel to these parts of the world around these times, drop me a line and let’s meet up!

A Lot of Life

May 13, 2009

First off, I finished my ebook. I really pounded away at it and got it done. Thanks to everyone who helped! You can read about it here: but it’s not free. the ebook is 27 dollars but I’ll tell you it is highly worth it! read all the great feedback so far!

Think of it as a way to support all my hard work 🙂

I;m currently in Ko Samet, an island a few hours outside of Bangkok where it is raining. It rained yesterday too. Tomorrow is my last day and I hope it doesnt rain then.  Im going to fly down to Phuket this weekend for 6 days to hopefully get some sun. I can’t go back home pasty white! I refuse! worst comes to worst, i’ll go down to the perhentian islands in Malaysia for a few days before I fly back home.

I picked up a second SEO client. That makes two. I’d like one more…in fact, all I have room for is one more.  So if you are interested, I have good rates 🙂  But I’m excited I have two clients now.

There is a lot of travel coming up for me.  On the 24th I am going to Singapore for a few days.  My visa runs out here and I need to hop the border for a new visa and Singapore is the place to do it. I look forward to eating indian food with my hands again.

A few weeks after that I fly to Scotland where I celebrate turning old…then back to America for a little while. That’s a bit scary. America is a strange place.

There’s a lot going on but I’m glad to be finally moving around again.

A Weekend in Singapore

November 25, 2008

This past weekend I was in Singapore. I needed to head there to renew my visa for Thailand and instead of making a day trip to Cambodia, I figured I might as well make a vacation out of it. Plus, my friends Sean and Dawn from Wanderingwhy were making their way there too so I figured it would be good to meet up with them again. (We spent a lot of time in Thailand together in September. They wouldn’t leave me alone.)

I had always heard Singapore was expensive but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It’s a cheaper version of the states and pretty affordable though not in relation to the rest of Southeast Asia.  I ended up spending more than I wanted though because our accommodation wasn’t as cheap as I thought. LP nailed it on the head with their summary but neglected to go into detail about the tiny rooms and huge dorm.

Also, I was surprised at how unclean it was. I expected a city so clean I could eat off the streets but there was trash around! and people chewing gum!!! and no police!!! I guess the fear of the police is enough to keep people in line.  I wanted a bit more of a regimented city but it was still leap years better than the chaos of the rest of Southeast Asia.

Singapore  was a big change from the crowded, dirty, and polluted streets of Bangkok.  The streets are wide, the city clean, everyone moves in a more orderly fashion. It was a little unnerving at first.  I’m used to being crowded and cramped. It took me some good food to relax.  The beauty of traveling with Sean is that he always wants to eat so we went on a mini food tour of the city.

My goals for the trip were simple: See the Zoo and eat lots of food.  After all, I was only there for a weekend.  Oh yeah and get a photo of the Raffles Statue.  I accomplished them all.

The Zoo was amazing. You don’t often travel to see a zoo but the Singapore Zoo is so famous it has to be seen, even if it is a giant money suck.  I loved it. The animals run all over the place and i thought a few monkeys were going to jump towards me. The night Safari was equally as cool and you got to see some cool nocturnal creatures, including dumb tourists who don’t turn their flash off.  The food was super expensive and this whole day cost me more than the other days combined.

Little India rocked. The food was amazing, especially because we got to eat with our hands.  See photo in previous post.  Chinatown had some good food too.  I really wanted to get some Dim Sum but didn’t get a chance while I was there.  Next time.

Singapore has amazing food. Little India, Little Arabia, Chinatown, great high class food- I am going to go back there just to eat. Man! MMMMM and all that ethnic food is cheap too. Singapore is now a foodie favorite of mine.

Last day there, I got to eat delicious Indian food again (though not as good as the first time), photo the raffles statue and the lion statue on the wharf. All and all it was a relaxing weekend.

I’ll post some travel tips and advice on Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site.

I’ll also post some photos here next time. I took a lot for only a 2 1/2 day trip.


November 23, 2008

Eating in Singapore

Eating like the locals in Little India with Wandering Sean