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A Lot of Life

May 13, 2009

First off, I finished my ebook. I really pounded away at it and got it done. Thanks to everyone who helped! You can read about it here: but it’s not free. the ebook is 27 dollars but I’ll tell you it is highly worth it! read all the great feedback so far!

Think of it as a way to support all my hard work 🙂

I;m currently in Ko Samet, an island a few hours outside of Bangkok where it is raining. It rained yesterday too. Tomorrow is my last day and I hope it doesnt rain then.  Im going to fly down to Phuket this weekend for 6 days to hopefully get some sun. I can’t go back home pasty white! I refuse! worst comes to worst, i’ll go down to the perhentian islands in Malaysia for a few days before I fly back home.

I picked up a second SEO client. That makes two. I’d like one more…in fact, all I have room for is one more.  So if you are interested, I have good rates 🙂  But I’m excited I have two clients now.

There is a lot of travel coming up for me.  On the 24th I am going to Singapore for a few days.  My visa runs out here and I need to hop the border for a new visa and Singapore is the place to do it. I look forward to eating indian food with my hands again.

A few weeks after that I fly to Scotland where I celebrate turning old…then back to America for a little while. That’s a bit scary. America is a strange place.

There’s a lot going on but I’m glad to be finally moving around again.


I’m Writing a Book!

April 27, 2009

Ok, well, it is an ebook but it’s still a book…in a way.

Since so many travel bloggers ask me about SEO, making money travel blogging, making money blogging, how to run a travel blog, coding question, and the list goes on, I figured I’d put it on in an ebook that people can download and read and learn!

I’m going to write this ebook over the next few weeks and hope to have it done and complete and ready for use by the end of May. The book will include the following:

  • How to Start a Travel Blog (especially picking your focus)
  • Setting Up Your Blog (coding, themes, and some other stuff)
  • Marketing Your Blog (Joining the Travel Community)
  • SEO (Learn to Rank Your lovely new blog high in google)
  • Make Money With Your blog (using adsense, affiliate marketing, getting the right traffic, private ad sales)
  • F.A.Q section.

There’s a lot I tell bloggers about making money and there is a lot I don’t. This will tell some of those secrets I don’t tell publicly because they can get me in trouble with the Big G.

Overall, my goal with this is to share my tips on how I make a living travel blogging. Yes, I actually am making enough to have this as my job now!

That’s my big news…

Ohh, and I’m back in Thailand for the next 6 weeks. Beaches here I come!

Where You Can Find Me…

April 19, 2009

Today I realized I have an obscene number of websites. This is because well, I’m now devoting all my time to making money online. I want to be able to work everywhere. It’s no do or die. Then again if you never try, you never succeed and, if I fail, I still developed some skills. But if you do want to find me on the web, come check out all my websites.

There’s this blog where you can find random thoughts and tips.

You can read my flagship blog, Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site. This site brings me lots of visitors, connections, and a bit of money. Any travel advice you need is there.

You can see all my pictures from around the world on my photo site.

You can get tips on how to travel the world on my site about traveling the world on a budget. There’s good tips like how to find cheap flights, get rtw tickets, and how to pick the right travel backpack.

If you want geeky SEO information, you can check out my SEO tips site and learn about what I actually do online.

There is also this music site I run which is an online guitar community. The has good guitar articles and a guitar forum you should visit.

So that’s 6 websites that I update regularly and that’s not counting all those little money sites that are designed to make money (There’s 10 of them right now!).

This is why I’m so busy.

A Month Gone By

April 4, 2009

How quickly life has changed from the last post.

I am no longer with that Austrian girl. Miscommunication has killed the radio star. We had a rocky finish but we’re sailing a bit smoother now. Not gonna drag out the details but, I was on the losing end.

I quit my job. Getting a visa was complex. They gave me the wrong the visa in Thailand and to get the right visa plus the paperwork and such it would cost another 200 dollars. No thanks for a job I am going to stay in until June. So when the visa expires on April 24th, I am off to Thailand, Bali, and….drumroll please…..TURKMENISTAN!!

Who goes there? No one! So I get some undiscovered country to explore. Maybe I can swing a paid gig out of it. Have to make some calls to some connections. My buddy in the Marines there is getting me the visa since they don’t give them out to single travelers. So I’ll fly from Bangkok and spend about 10 days there. Should be interested. Apparently, since it is a police state, is pretty safe.

The last Google PR update left me with some sites moving up which means I can go sell advertising on them. Let’s see if my theory on making money online works or not. If not, I’m gonna have to find a real job! No thanks to that!!!

And finally, those little rug rats at the school got me sick. I feel like death now. I hate being sick.

In defense of my CHEAP Virtual Assitant

February 6, 2009

My last post about my VA search got me lots of comments and a few trackbacks. Laurie and Kimberly, who both run web based businesses, wrote about it on their blog, and with some other people, are telling me you get what you pay for.

True. You always get what you pay for.

Except when you globalize and send labor to a cheap country.

I’d never work for 3 dollars an hour but in India, that is a decent wage. And, my guy in india (not affiliated with the actual service called “myguyinindia” – cool name huh?), works for 3 dollars an hour.

I can say that with cheap labor you do have some problems but with expensive labor you can too. After thinking about it more, I thought I was being a bit unfair. When I was an assistant, it took me some time to get used to my boss and him to me. So my VA has to get used to what I want and expect. That takes more than a week over e-mail.

This week was much better. As he learns what I want on a number of task, I don’t really have any problems. and the research he has come up with is great. Very detailed. I’ve decided to keep him.

Three dollars an hour is great for the tasks I have him do right now- automated, easy, simple. Is he going to be writing me articles and spin articles or sending out link requests? Nope! Laurie and Kimberly are right about that. For that, you need better help. And I plan on getting it. All this article writing for SEO is boring me so I’m going to have someone else do it. That will cost me more than 3 dollars but I’m ok with that. It’s a business expense.

But to the reality of the situation- You get what you pay for doesn’t really apply when the 3 dollars goes a long way in the person’s home country. I work for Asian wages (well top end asian wages) because I’m currently chilling out in Asia. Plus it’s easy and simple work I have to do. But why pay someone an American/Western wage when I get that same task down for a fraction of the price.

That is why businesses offshore. Save money. Cut costs. Welcome to a globalized world. Don’t believe me? Check out a site like elance! You’ll find people from all over the world selling their services and competing against each other.

For higher end stuff, I want some one with more skills. My article writer will probably be western, my VA is indian, my flash designer is Korean, my business partner (Christine from Almost Fearless and I are partnering) is American, and my social marketer (who I’ll hire when I get these new sites up and running) lives in Romania. Welcome the 21st century.

The internet allows me to get the best people all around the world and it is in that market that VAs compete.

Why pay more for something I can get cheap? My VA does what I need cheap. For 3 dollars an hour, I’ll type a more detailed explanation.

Social Marker

December 3, 2008

I’ve recently come across an amazing website. It’s called Social Marker. This site lets you semi-automate all your social media submissions.  What a time saver.

Social Media is the term used to describe sites like Stumble Upon, Digg, Mixx, Reddit, Furl, and Facebook- sites that allow users to share websites and links with each other. I use ALL these sites and much more. (I currently use 25 social bookmarking and media sites.)  They are a great way to find new stuff, help friends, and promote my own websites.

25 sites seems like a lot and, up until I found Social Marker, I only used Stumble Upon, Mixx, and Digg and, ocassionally some do-follow sites to help rank high in Google.  However, it’s a tedious task going through all the pages individually and submitting them, especially if you are doing a lot for friends.  Lots of time!!

Enter Social Marker. All I do is type in the url, the title, a little blurb, and some tags, check the sites I want to submit too and Social Marker loads them up on the page.  I have to go through each site indiviuadlly and click submit but with all the information pre load, it takes about 5 minutes. I never have to open a new page and if the ifnormation is not included, I just drag and drop.

Because this works so well, I went and signed up for a ton more social networking sites. You can never have too many links or too much promotion. Now, I add my content and other content to 25 sites. Takes about 6-7 minutes per page depending if I feel like doing all the sites or just some.  But now, one hour every few days is all I need to help my friends out, submit new content, add my stuff, and build links.

Easy.   You can pay to download a program that will do it for you but why pay when I can do it for free?

For social media addicts, this is a must use tool.