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Social Marker

December 3, 2008

I’ve recently come across an amazing website. It’s called Social Marker. This site lets you semi-automate all your social media submissions.  What a time saver.

Social Media is the term used to describe sites like Stumble Upon, Digg, Mixx, Reddit, Furl, and Facebook- sites that allow users to share websites and links with each other. I use ALL these sites and much more. (I currently use 25 social bookmarking and media sites.)  They are a great way to find new stuff, help friends, and promote my own websites.

25 sites seems like a lot and, up until I found Social Marker, I only used Stumble Upon, Mixx, and Digg and, ocassionally some do-follow sites to help rank high in Google.  However, it’s a tedious task going through all the pages individually and submitting them, especially if you are doing a lot for friends.  Lots of time!!

Enter Social Marker. All I do is type in the url, the title, a little blurb, and some tags, check the sites I want to submit too and Social Marker loads them up on the page.  I have to go through each site indiviuadlly and click submit but with all the information pre load, it takes about 5 minutes. I never have to open a new page and if the ifnormation is not included, I just drag and drop.

Because this works so well, I went and signed up for a ton more social networking sites. You can never have too many links or too much promotion. Now, I add my content and other content to 25 sites. Takes about 6-7 minutes per page depending if I feel like doing all the sites or just some.  But now, one hour every few days is all I need to help my friends out, submit new content, add my stuff, and build links.

Easy.   You can pay to download a program that will do it for you but why pay when I can do it for free?

For social media addicts, this is a must use tool.